This client came to me after numerous permanent makeup procedures by another practitioner. She has some scar tissue on one of her brows and subsequently has hair missing. She was unhappy with both the colour and shape of her eyebrows.

The problem

It was clear to me that the brows shape was too thin and unbalanced and that the colour was turning green. This indicated to me that an incorrect colour balance had been used – mostly likely black (straight black should never be used on anyone as overtime it will turn green/blue).

The other issue we had was the shape. The brows were too thin and a slightly odd shape.


During our consultation, we discussed the available options: removal, or a series of permanent makeup procedures to correct the colour and shape. The client opted for the latter and chose a powdered-effect brow.

The solution

The client agreed to let me try and counteract the existing colour by using colour neutralisers and warmer tones. Sadly, this is not a quick fix and will happen gradually over numerous treatments.

With regard to shape, I was able to correct this by adding some volume and a smoother more refined shape. These amendments together have made a world of difference and my client is thrilled with the results so far.

The before and after shots below are after only one procedure – her results will improve after each subsequent procedure. However, you can already see a marked improvement in both colour and shape which is much more flattering on my client.