This client has never had permanent makeup before. She was going travelling and needed wanted to have her brows more defined as she wont have to bother to much with them whiles she is off seeing the world!

She has a full brow to work with, but just needed the shape perfecting. She wanted to save time by having the definition there permanently, while still maintaining a natural finish.

During the consultation I gave her advice on the different types of brow that I offer. Because she was going travelling and wanted them too look defined all the time but with a natural effect, we decided that a combination brow would be the best option for her. We drew them on to give her an idea of what they end result would be.

With regards to the colour, we used a bespoke mix to achieve the a perfect dark brown to match both her hair and skin tone. This is the results after just two treatment. The colour will fade up to 50% when healed.

Before & after

Combination eyebrows - Permanent makeup Manchester