This client came to me having had permanent makeup done previously numerous times by another practitioner. She has very little hair on her brow area especially on the right side due to scar tissue. Sadly she was unhappy with the results with the colour, placement and shape.

After talking to my client we decided that the brows were too thin and unbalanced and that the colour was going an orangey colour. Because of the nature of the scar tissue she has no movement on the right side of her brow and over time the left brow has dropped. This in turn is causing her brows to look uneven. Powdered effect had been used previously so her brows were very flat in appearance which can often be the case if there is no natural hair present. With regards to her colour, it looks like in this case too warm colours have been used without taking into account her warm skin tone and therefore they were developing an orange tinge. It is impossible for me to know what exactly was used previously in her brows.

I was really pleased to be able offer her advice on the different options that were available to her. Removal was one option we discussed but she didn’t want to have to go through that if it could be avoided. Her other option was that we try to counteract the existing colour by using colour neutralisers and cooler tones. Sadly this is not a quick fix and will happen gradually over numerous future treatments. This was explained fully to her and she decided this was her preferred option. I also recommended that she add some hairstrokes to achieve the more natural look that she wanted. I also explained that, while I will correct the placement as much as possible, her left brow may, over the years drop slightly which is normal but as her right brow is frozen this is something she would need to discuss with a medical professional to see what her options are in that respect. She was happy to do this and go ahead.

The other issue we had was the shape. The brows were too thin and they were at different positions, the slightest error in placement can result in the brows looking uneven. They also needed the shape amending to a more suitable shape. Thankfully we were able to cover them and balance the placement by adding some volume and a smoother more refined shape. We have added hairstrokes to get the ‘more natural look’. These amendments together have altered her brows beyond recognition! She has been thrilled with the results so far. This is still a work in progress.

Before & after

Permanent makeup correction, Wirral