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Previous permanent makeup clients

Here is my permanent makeup portfolio. This section is currently being added to so please check back again soon.

Please note that most images are taken directly after the first procedure: all swelling and redness will disappear within a few hours, and colours will fade to look more natural.

Permanent makeup correction, Wirral

Correction with hair strokes

Combination eyebrows, Manchester

Combination eyebrows

Combination eyebrows, Manchester

Combination brows

Permanent makeup eyebrow correction, Liverpool (CS)

Permanent eyebrow correction

Powdered-effect permanent brows, Leeds

Powdered-effect eyebrows

Fluffy hair stroke brows, permanent makeup

Fluffy hair stroke brows

Permanent makeup correction, Gemma Kennelly

Combination eyebrows

Hairstrokes permanent eyebrows

Hair stroke permanent eyebrows

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