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Pigments explained

The pigments I use are of the highest quality, bought direct from the manufacturer: ‘Absolute Perfection Pigments‘. Pigments can vary from supplier to supplier but they mainly consist of glycerine, isoproplyl and distilled water. Pigments are usually iron oxides, one of the most used colouring agents in cosmetics for over a century.

Iron is the most stable and most common of all the elements. It is non-toxic. Iron oxides are safe. If someone has a reaction to cosmetics it is usually because of the perfume, preservatives and other additives added to the base of colour, not the iron oxide. Iron oxide has been used since about 1900 as a colouring agent.

Pigments compared to tattoo inks

Pigments are different from traditional tattoo inks.  Cosmetic grade iron oxide has been proven safe over time.  Pigment has less chance of migration than traditional inks.  As your skin loses elasticity and collagen over time your brows can start to ‘sag’.

Using pigments that fade over time you are given the amazing opportunity of your colour boost acting as a mini face lift by making the tails on the brows higher. If we were using traditional inks you run the risk of a permanent sagging of the brow area.

The reason that a ‘winged’ effect should not be offered on permanent eyeliner is that the risk of migration is higher as the skin is extremely thin around this area and as with brows skin looses elasticity the flick becomes droopy and can only be removed fully by having laser treatment which can be expensive and painful.

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