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Beautiful Brunette Brows

As a brunette you want to frame your face with beautiful, well defined, natural looking, perfect eyebrows – with the help of permanent makeup the look you are searching for certainly can be easily achieved.

I am constantly researching the latest Permanent/Semi Permanent Makeup techniques for brows and here is my advice on how to achieve the most beautiful in demand brows:

For brunettes, more than any other hair colour, your eyebrows are a dominant feature of your face, so it is essential that your brows are perfectly shaped and well groomed at all times.

Your brows can lift your face and make your eye colour “pop” achieving a more youthful appearance – and who doesn’t want that???

Any imperfections are very obvious on brunette brows, as hairs are darker and often more coarse.

Permanent Makeup can be the answer to all these issues and give you the brows of your dreams.  It’s never too late!!

It is extremely important to get the correct colour balance to match your skin tone and hair colour – your brows need to be dark enough to stand out while still blending effortlessly with your natural features.

Whether you want celebrity brows like Megan Fox, or a very understated natural brunette brow, there is great news as the most amazing brows can be achieved with the help of Permanent Makeup.

It is extremely difficult to get a perfect match with ordinary cosmetic brow makeup and it can seem like an impossible task every morning to have the time or inclination to achieve perfect brows that you are happy with unless you are a highly trained makeup artist.

Being a dark brunette myself this is a subject very close to my heart.  There is nothing worse than spending time trying to perfect your brows only to end up looking like you have the “scouse brow” effect – especially not in our more elegant later years.

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    Help is at hand – there is a solution!!!!

    Permanent Makeup is the perfect antidote to the “scouse brow”.

    Everyone has different features and I believe that your brows should naturally enhance your natural features – whatever your age nobody wants to look like a clown. Whether it is using powdered effect or natural hair simulation or both, Permanent Makeup has a fail proof technique to make sure your brows are the exact size and in the correct position.

    As described in more detail in my pigments page, I only use pigments of the highest quality that are hypo-allergenic and can be matched to your exact hair colour, which will gently fade over time in line with your natural hair colouring.

    Whether your brows are full or sparse and over plucked, Permanent Makeup results are amazing! – a new frame to your face that looks picture perfect – bespoke, perfectly symmetrical, natural beautiful brows that will never smudge.