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Semi-Permanent Makeup for eyebrows, eyes, lips and correction work.

Gemma Kennelly Permanent Makeup covers the Liverpool area by operating from the beautiful clinic of SDS Rejuvenation on Rodney Street in Liverpool and The Core Clinic in Crosby.

I have 13 years experience in the aesthetics and beauty industry and am an expert in semi-permanent makeup procedures for eyebrows, eyes and lips. I also specialise in correction work. I’m certified and insured and use the highest quality pigments.

Whatever your age, skin tone or hair colour, Gemma Kennelly Permanent Makeup can subtly enhance your natural features.

Free consultations are available and I will ensure to go through all the details about semi-permanent makeup, the procedure through to after-care, and ongoing maintenance.

permanent makeup liverpool

Permanent makeup services

Permanent brows

Hair stroke, powdered, and combination brow permanent makeup define beautifully while maintaining a natural look.

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Permanent lip contour & blush

Add colour, definition and fullness to your lips with permanent lip contour and blush. Perfect for thin, pale or receeding liplines.

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Permanent eye liner

Enhance your lashline with a fine permanent liner, or go bolder and thicker for more definition. Top and bottom eyeliner available.

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Correction work

I can correct the colour and shape of most previous permanent makeup procedures, without needing any prior removal.

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A bit about me

I am a fully qualified, insured and licensed permanent makeup artist with over 12 years experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

I get a huge sense of satisfaction out of giving clients the experience and results they’re looking for from semi-permanent makeup. I really love my job.

I provide informative consultations with no-pressure because it’s important to me that my clients are 100% confident before going forwards with a procedure. I take great care in my work, making sure the pigments I choose will complement my clients’ skin tone and hair colour.

Is permanent makeup for you?

Permanent makeup is suitable for almost anyone but being a permanent procedure, it’s important to understand what’s involved before going ahead.

I have performed procedures on clients of all ages – some just wanting a permanent solution to sparse brows, to clients who have lost their hair due to medical treatment.

If permanent makeup is something you’re considering, please contact me on 07780 141 411 where we can go through any questions that you might have. I provide free consultations and my treatments at the clinics in Manchester listed below.

permanent makeup liverpool rodney street

Book an appointment to see me in Liverpool


24 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 2TQ
Tel: 0151 707 3577


134 College Road, Crosby, L23 3DP
Tel: 0151 345 0156

You can also call me directly on 07780 141 411.

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