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Colour boost explained

A colour boost is necessary as your permanent makeup fades over time. In the same way your permanent hair colour fades so does your permanent makeup.

When you come back for your colour boost we will tweek your brows by adding more colour and definition so they look refreshed. The procedure should take between 45mins – 1hrs

When you first choose to have your permanent makeup procedure, you should have the whole process explained clearly. After your initial procedure you will require a ‘top up’ no earlier than 4-6 week later to make sure your Permanent Makeup has healed under your skin. The top up is to perfect the initial shape and colour of the Permanent Makeup. After this has been perfected your permanent makeup should last between 12 – 18 months. This differs from person to person.

Eyebrow colour boost before and after

I recommend a colour boost once a year to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh. Permanent eyebrows for example as the picture left shows, the stability of the colour brown is broken down by the sun exposure. The client doesn’t have to be a sun-worshipper to suffer skin damage overtime. As we are all aware, daily exposure to UV rays diminishes skin cells even when it is not sunny.

There is no way to fully protect your permanent makeup as there is no way to fully protect skin, however using sunscreen on a daily basis can help to prolong your permanent makeup. While this may help to prolong your permanent makeup, it will not prolong it indefinitely, so a permanent makeup colour boost is necessary to refresh your colour.

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